Andy Phillips - Land and Seascape Photography Workshops

Scotland - England - Iceland - Norway - For Aspect2i

I'm a Photographer and I absolutely LOVE it!



Greetings! - You must feel the same way I do because that's why you are here!

I would like the opportunity to take you up to the next level in your work. That's the best thing about teaching, imparting what I have gleaned over the years and watching a student get all excited at what they can now do. I offer 1:1 personal tuition ( see my drop down box on 1:1 teaching)

There is nothing difficult about photography, although there is a fair bit to learn. But It's like anything else, it's easy once you know how to do it! Within my teaching style I believe in the kiss principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). Learn in small steps, I have found if you make just a few adjustments the collective result can be massive!

The subjects I teach are:





I'm a bit of a sad photography case really, I work for myself teaching photography and my wife has a Wedding Photography business. Guess what we do for relaxation? Yep! We go on photography holidays and we also conduct recce's for future workshops. I'm also an international workshop leader for top photographer Paul Gallagher of Aspect2i fame. We take multiple clients on exciting landscape photography workshops in fabulous locations, both here in the UK and abroad.

On a more personal note I'm a retired State Registered Paramedic. During this time I created this Photography Business so I could earn a living again doing something I love full time. I have travelled extensively teaching and have been lucky enough to have seen magnificent landscapes but in my heart of hearts I have an affinity for all the wilder parts of Scotland.

My wife and I usually hire a cottage as a base for our photography ventures. The combination of photography all day and coming home to the aroma from a slow cooker,  just does it for me!

Enjoy my website and if you see a photo that you want then access the contact page


Warm regards, Andy.