March 05, 2017


Here's how I went about getting the image of the 3 Icebergs:


A stormy layered sky and black volcanic sand give you so many options. If you combine that with a nearby Glacier calving mini-Icebergs down to the beach then photography heaven is yours!! You often find "tourist overload" at Iconic locations but not to worry there is always a workaround. Tip: Be prepared to walk along the location as the tourists won't stray far from the coaches.

Landscape photographers are often tempted to shoot the "Big Vista" but as you grow more discerning you learn to observe and pick the parts of the scene you find most interesting. This video shows a black Icelandic beach that is typical of the South Coast. To achieve the photograph of the Icebergs I walked 500 meters along the Jokulsarlon Beach until I was able to shoot "People free." I had already observed a couple of backdrops that were suitable, a dark sky and also a brighter sky rapidly moving in.


Running out of time I scanned the beach for an appropriate foreground. I chose the trio of bergs shown because they were relatively heavy and wouldn't move too much. I waited for a wave to recede so the bubbles of white froth were shot over several seconds to create long lead-in lines that pull you into the image.


This image works because of how the bergs link with each other. Firstly they are an odd number, this always sits well. Secondly, the bergs are connected by white lines and I have allowed one berg to break the wave line to connect with the sea. Last of all, a nice diagonal has been created by the bergs to the approaching different sky.

The finished edit



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