I have delivered lectures to countless camera clubs via Zoom, and I'm in my

 element when passing on my rounded knowledge to others.

Here's a brief introduction to both presentations.



A Visual Signature 

This beautiful presentation showcases some of my images from Scotland, area by area.

I also show how I achieve composition and develop observational skills.

Within the presentation, there are also three stunning videos.

Six months in the making, and a feast for the eyes.





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The Inner Landscape 

This is my take on the genre of ‘Still Life.’

90 minutes of something completely different for the programme secretaries and very entertaining.

You will be shown an array of fabulous images, crafted using only carefully manipulated natural light.

The objective of this lecture is to show every photographer how it’s done.

There are demonstrations throughout, depicting work-throughs.

This lecture has proven extremely popular over the last three years.




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Excellent presentations about photography and a great way to have tuition. Andy's photography knowledge and expertise are vast, and he can present and teach at any level, be it professional or beginner. I'd highly recommend it!!


Gerald Ess - UK

Another fantastic talk last Wednesday at Cheam Camera Club by Andy Phillips, who presented his Talk "Inner Landscape". It was billed as a talk on indoor photography, but Andy also gave us an insight into his landscape work, and how to look for a photograph from a normal landscape.

We then went indoors, and he showed us the techniques he used for his indoor photography, especially modifying natural light and using inexpensive modifiers. He also explained how these skills were transferrable across genres. His images were truly stunning. If that wasn't enough, we also covered textures and how to create them.

A truly inspiring talk from an excellent, and entertaining speaker - he had a great sense of humour despite talking into the silence of a Zoom audience - it's a shame we couldn't have him in person as it would have really been a laugh as well as being educational. 
Another high-quality speaker to add to all the other great speakers we've had this year.
Thank you, Andy.


Andy Marland - The Industrial Tourist 

Andy takes you through his creative process, discussing not just the photographs he took but also other possible images from the scene that he photographed. He gives you a further insight into the all-important 'seeing' of an image. He then takes you through both the 'how' and the 'why' of post-processing. As he steps through the Photoshop processes he uses, he transforms a raw file through to the finished image, explaining his creative choices and reasoning. Finally, he gives some tips on the presentation of the image. 


 Carol Main - Syllabus Coordinator

Preston Photographic Society welcomed Andy Phillips to his ‘home turf’ to walk us through the maze that is Adobe PS. His talk was an educational, thought-provoking journey, through wind, rain and sun, which resulted in plenty of stunning images and an in-depth narrative on how he arrived at the final image. Using his recorded PS editing, we were able to witness, first-hand, how Andy went from Raw to the final cut image. The talk was delivered with a clear explanation of the process and actions, plenty of audience participation and some welcome cheesy jokes. From feedback, it is clear everyone, from novice to experienced, learned something, especially the importance of ‘keeping it simple’, taking our own picture, having our own vision and most of all enjoying our photography. Andy wears his passion and enthusiasm for his photography on his sleeve and it’s compelling. Highly recommend getting him Zoom-Booked to avoid disappointment. 



TEL: 07986122875 
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