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Some of my reviews for the

'Inner Landscape' lecture


John Clare 

We had a great presentation at Cheltenham last week by Andy Phillips on 'The Inner Landscape'. 
Great way of producing interior shots and still life images with a twist. And the how-to section was inspiringly simple! 
Thanks Andy!


Gerald Ess

Another fantastic talk last Wednesday at Cheam Camera Club by Andy Phillips, who presented his Talk "Inner Landscape". It was billed as a talk on indoor photography, but Andy also gave us an insight into his landscape work, and how to look for a photograph from a normal landscape.

We then went indoors, and he showed us the techniques he used for his indoor photography, especially modifying natural light and using inexpensive modifiers. He also explained how these skills were transferrable across genres. His images were truly stunning. If that wasn't enough, we also covered textures and how to create them.

A truly inspiring talk from an excellent, and entertaining speaker - he had a great sense of humour despite talking into the silence of a zoom audience - it's a shame we couldn't have him in person as it would have really been a laugh as well as being educational. 
Another high quality speaker to add to all the other great speakers we've had this year.
Thank you Andy.


Liz Cooper

We had another fantastic speaker last night at Tetbury Camera Club. It was Andy Phillips giving us his 'Inner Landscape' talk.  Mostly, but not all, about how to create stunning Still Life images using natural light.  He had some very good and cheap ways of sculpting the light through his kitchen window. And, tips on backgrounds and textures.  

Highly recommended, so good we're hoping to book him again! Isn't Zoom great!



Melon Udrigle Beach Wester Ross ScotlandMelon Udrigle Beach Wester Ross ScotlandBeach Study



Hi, I'm Andy and I'm a professional photographer who also teaches photography & post processing. I work alongside my wife who has a successful Wedding Photography business in Chorley, Lancashire. I'm also a workshop leader for Paul Gallagher of Aspect2i fame. We take clients on exciting landscape photography workshops in fabulous locations, both here in the UK and overseas. I have travelled extensively teaching and have been lucky enough to have captured awesome landscapes overseas, but in my heart of hearts, I have an affinity for all the wilder parts of Scotland.

I'm skilled in presenting talks in photography & post processing, both in-person and via Zoom. The good thing about Zoom Lectures is that I am finding myself at Camera Clubs I never would had got to geographically & timewise. For me personally, being able to screen-share is interactively fantastic and makes listening & learning an absolute pleasure. When we get back to normal, I have my own projector and projector screen for those who haven't got this equipment, obviously, this will in the North West. I hope to see Zoom being integrated into a lot of camera clubs in the 'normal' future which will give a more comprehensive and varied approach to lectures.


Sligachen old bridge Skye ScotlandSligachen old bridge Skye ScotlandTaken from the new bridge




Preston Photographic Society

Blackburn Camera Club

South Liverpool Photographic Society

Chapel Camera Club

Isle of Thanet Photographic Society

Nelson Camera Club


Rudbeckia still lifeRudbeckia still lifeRudbekia study




John S - Thanet

The Isle of Thanet Photography Society had a brilliant evening with Andy Phillips. An evening I would recommend to any club, a great balance of information and fantastic images. A big thank you from the IOTPS.



Excellent presentations about photography and a great way to have tuition during lockdown! Andy's photography knowledge and expertise is vast, but he can present and teach at any level, be it professional or beginner - I'd definitely recommend!!

Arum Lily in black and whiteArum Lily in black and whitestudy  

Andy Marland - The Industrial Tourist 

Andy takes you through his creative process, discussing not just the photographs he took but also other possible images from the scene that he photographed. He gives you a further insight into the all-important 'seeing' of an image. He then takes you through both the 'how' and the 'why' of post processing. As he steps through the Photoshop processes he uses, he transforms a raw file through to the finished image, explaining his creative choices and reasoning. Finally he gives some tips on presentation of the image. 


Preston Photographic Society - Carol Main - Syllabus Coordinator

Preston Photographic Society welcomed Andy Phillips to his ‘home turf’ to walk us through the maze that is Adobe PS. His talk was an educational, thought-provoking journey, through wind, rain and sun, which resulted in plenty of stunning images and an in-depth narrative on how he arrived at the final image. Using his recorded PS editing, we were able to witness, first hand, how Andy went from Raw to final cut image. The talk, delivered with clear explanation of process and actions, plenty of audience participation and some welcome cheesy jokes. From feedback, it is clear everyone, from novice to experienced, learned something, especially the importance of ‘keeping it simple’, taking our own picture, having our own vision and most of all enjoying our photography. Andy wears his passion and enthusiasm for his photography on his sleeve and it’s compelling. Highly recommend getting him Zoom-Booked to avoid disappointment. 

Windermere Dawn Lake DistrictWindermere Dawn Lake DistrictCumbria

John - Motherwell

I found Andy not only to be a skilled photographer and highly knowledgeable in post-processing techniques, but someone who gladly shares that knowledge. Andy’s ability to see the final image from the raw ingredients that nature provides is immense. Spending time with Andy has taken my photography to another level and I will be forever grateful for his patience, skill and dedication to my own personal development.

Icelandic Fence in black and whiteIcelandic Fence in black and whiteMinimalist fence study in Iceland

Trevor - Cumbria

I first met Andy at a two-day Landscape photography workshop in the Lake District where he was the workshop leader. From the first meeting with the group, Andy ensured he prioritised peoples needs in terms of expectations of the course. His knowledge of photography is exceptional and this linked to the fact he is a very good teacher made the whole two days so worthwhile. Throughout the whole day-time, he would share information and tips for gaining better images. During the evening he was still generous with his time reviewing peoples work and giving advice. I would advise anyone considering booking with Andy to just do it. It will be time well spent where you will learn and simultaneously have an enjoyable experience.


Dandelion and texturesDandelion and texturesTextured Dandelion in natural light

Chris - Hertfordshire

I have known Andy for several years now, ever since meeting on a Landscape photography workshop in Assynt, North West Scotland. He has now taught me on several workshops both in the UK and abroad. Andy is an inspiring teacher, both in the technical aspects of photography but also in the even more important area (to me at least) of composition. Andy really has the 'eye' for composition. I have found him superb at teaching the art of pre-visualisation. He observes potential compositions, finding the little details that make everything come together. He will stop to consider something as simple as a fence post and end up making something wonderful out of it. In the field as a teacher he is selfless about giving hints, sowing the seeds of great photo ideas, advising on compositional approach, camera placement and framing. He knows how to make a photo look balanced. Andy is very charming and has a great sense of humour. I cannot hesitate in recommending him.


Golden Autumn fence and wireGolden Autumn fence and wireScottish colours

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